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Hive Cups


Hive Cups™️ Is a brand new innovation by the inventor of Hive Caps®️

Hive Cups™️ are designed to:

•Keep your cartridges safe (no more rolling off)

•Keep your needles from drying (submerge the tips in water)

•Stable rinse cup (low and wide)

•Holds up to 5 cartridges 

•Compatible with most *cartridges 


Sold in packs of 50 lids and 50 cups.

(Cups can be purchased separately.)

Hive Cups are compatible with most standard cartridges.

*Every cartridge will fit slightly differently depending on the circumference.

 ⚠️Hive Cups are single use and should be used with single use cartridge tubes or autoclaveable pen attachments.


(Not compatible with some **Cheyenne®️ Craft brand cartridges.


These cartridges have a unique needle stabilization system that ensures durability and optimum performance.


The cartridges case is made of medical plastic which allows the reduction of friction between the needle and the casing to a minimum, and the needles remain sharp.


Needles are made with a safety membrane to prevent the back flow of ink into your tube or machine to give you an ultra-smooth feel with just the right tension.