Hive Armor - Artist Roll

  • Hive Armor - Artist Roll

Hive Armor - Artist Roll


Hive Armor™️  Artist Roll

A barrier film designed for today’s artists:

The Artist Roll, is 14” wide with a smaller core for portability and  in a reusable plastic sleeve. (No box)

•Sized 11”x 14” 

•Protect your tablet or laptop (perfect size to cover the entire screen)

•Cover your arm rests, leg rest, head rest, light and anything else you want to protect 

•Adheres to any surface (without leaving any residue)

•Perfect size for any mayo stand or station surface 

•Clear for visibility 

•Fast removal and disposability 


The sheets are 14” wide perforated at 11”- 214 Sheets per bag.

clear adhesive protective film.  

1.8mil thickness 

214’  long x 14” wide


These cartridges have a unique needle stabilization system that ensures durability and optimum performance.


The cartridges case is made of medical plastic which allows the reduction of friction between the needle and the casing to a minimum, and the needles remain sharp.


Needles are made with a safety membrane to prevent the back flow of ink into your tube or machine to give you an ultra-smooth feel with just the right tension.