Black Dragon Latex Gloves, Black

Black Dragon Latex Gloves, Black

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Box of 100 Microflex Disposable Latex Examination Gloves for Tattoo and Piercing Procedures by Black Dragon

Black Dragon Medical Latex Gloves a favorite among tattoo artists, piercers, cosmetic tattoo artists, and medical professionals.The black color helps mask stains, eliminating any potential distractions and increasing your eye focus. The advanced double polymer coating technique used on the exterior provides a secure grip in the handling of tattoo and body piercing instruments. These gloves are easy to wear and made from medical grade Natural Rubber Latex giving you serious protection. 

This listing is for one box of 100 Black Dragon Medical Latex Gloves, available in sizes X-Small up to X-Large.

Please note: No sensitizing threshold to natural rubber latex has been established. Any individual with hypersensitivity to natural rubber latex should consult a physician before using any latex product.


  • Material: Natural Rubber Latex
  • Color: Black
  • Available sizes: X-Small–X-Large
  • Powder-free interior, double polymer coated exterior
  • Non-sterile and disposable; for single-use only
  • Price per one box of 100