Bishop POWER Wand Packer - Full Set

  • Bishop POWER Wand Packer - Full Set

Bishop POWER Wand Packer - Full Set


Contains everything you need for the ultimate wireless experience in-house and on the go.

Equipped with 2 battery packs:


1500 mAH. Long lasting power (up to 10 hours).


800 mAH. Short, but powerful. Lasting up to 5 hours. (Ideal for shorter sessions).

One-Of-A-Kind Quality

Built with a patent-pending magnetic backplate to easily fasten on the solely compatible Bishop X Critical batteries, the Power Wand maintains the same consistent power as Bishop’s flagship Wand pen machine.

Brushless Motor W/ Custom Winding Made Specifically with More Torque and Power

The PACKER WAND is perfect for fine or bold lines, realistic color, traditional style, 3RL work, and more. It’s your all-in-one machine if you’re an artist that does such work. It has a powerful brushless motor precisely paired with a 4.2 stroke.
Intended For: Color Packing, Color Realism, Traditional Color Packer, Better Ink Saturation, Fine or Bold Lines
Capable For All Your Color Needs (Including Bold and Fine Lines)

Full Set Includes

• x1 Critical Universal Battery Dock (x2 battery slots)

• x1 Power Wand (offering Liner 5.0, Packer 4.2, OR Shader 3.5 stroke options)

• x1 Power Wand Battery Pack (1500mAH)

• x1 Power Wand Shorty Battery Pack (800mAH)

• x1 Power Wand RCA Adapter

• x1 7ft RCA Cord – Grey

• x1 6ft Charging Cord for Dock


How's this different from the existing Bishop Wand?

All the technical mechanics (strokes/motors/grip dimensions) are the same as the existing Wand.

The main difference is all in the magnetic backplate and how it is now flush and compatible with the critical connect firmware.

Because the battery is flush with the pen machine, it outputs an overall compact pen machine dimension & overall has a better design aesthetic (you don’t have an awkward battery sticking out from the pen machine).

Lighter & better ergonomics / less backweight on the pen machine.