Precision Needles

Precision Tattoo Needles come in over 80 different configurations. There are 6 parts to Precision Needles, diameter, points, type, taper, texture, and tube/tip compatibility. This listing is for one box of needles, choose from Diameters #8 (0.25mm), #10 (0.3mm), or #12 (0.35mm), and a variety of needle types including Flat (F), Magnum (M1), Round Liner (RL), Round Shader (RS) (see below for a complete list).

Each needle comes in a Sterile Pouch with the type of needle, lot no., expiration date, and compatible tip/tube printed right on the outside.  The needles are EO (Ethylene Oxide) gas sterilized and should only be used if the package is undamaged.